Thoughts after this last week

July 10, 2015 6:05 pm  /  Uncategorized

Stewart took us to see the Riley exhibition in Bexhill.  The wind was up.  My thoughts are still to be collected after spending two days with my parents…but we did good.  The people in my world did okay today.  After 18 months of catching two buses there, I finally managed to catch two buses back.  I feel quite proud of myself but exhausted.  My dreams have been epic journeys, but I have seen a ‘puffling’ for the first time on TV and I have seen ‘the autistic gardener’ on TV too.

I do not think that George Osborne has served me and my kind wisely in his budget in terms of respect but underneath the earth in London the Cross Rail project is costing 15 billion and we need billions for defences against terrorist attacks.  What can he do?!

The artists exhibiting at Bexhill have questioned the way I see and interpret things because both interacted with more than just one of my senses.  Stezaker Film Works…creating a sculpture out of film, out of paint because the ‘stills’ I can capture on my camera are so bad, they always lead me to ‘painting’.  The bunff says that ‘we are said to be blind to images at 1/24th of a second’ but I do not think that Stezaker meant anything to ‘attest to the opposite’, I think his attention is to disrupt the binary assumption of language in order to enlarge our understanding of the world.

I think sharing information can be a good thing, it does not have to be destructive.