An open letter to Banksy

September 13, 2015 12:54 pm  /  Uncategorized

I got to your Dismaland and at the end of the day I burst into distressed tears.  I cried because we had travelled for three and a half hours and queued for five.  I was already so very tired.  I cried because, being so unprepared for what was to come, we had not eaten.  I was so very hungry.  I cried because some of the artwork made me feel so very sad but I also cried because I couldn’t win a gold medallion like the man with the megaphone outside.  I cried because, as an artistic autist, I could not read the faces of the staff; because I got so confused and because one of them cocked a gun beside me.  I started to cry because the noise made me jump; I was terrified.  I could hear the words ‘satire’, ‘irony’, even ‘double irony’ and ‘controversy’ swirling around me in answer to my questions.  Yet I knew only what I felt. Distress.

In order to digest my experience of Dismaland, my response was to appropriate images of both yours and Hurst’s work into a collage alongside current headline news.  I called it Today.

I am wearing my ‘meaningless rubber bracelet’ and just hope that it is made of recycled material and that the proceeds go to a very good cause.  By the way, I found a rusty bolt on the ground by the fountain that I brought home for my rusty metal collection.  Finders, keepers and I thought that I had earned it.  Exit through the gift shop.

C xToday