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McConnell’s art work results from a continuous experimentation with the processes, materials and media which constitute the creative process.  It is currently informed by psychoanalytic and philosophical theories of Melanie Klein, Wilfrid Bion, Bracha Ettinger and Jaques Derrida. In ‘White on White (2015), for example, McConnell explores what it is that makes a painting.  With reference to the ‘subjectile’, the ground or support with which we make contact or project on or in to in a specific exploration of ‘projective identification':

“It is an interactive process with both conscious and unconscious involvement which both disappoints and surprises me. From paper to hessian to canvas to plaster to plasterboard. I sand away one half of the ground support. It breaks. I reinstate an alternative support and I am pleased that the cracks still show. They are portrait landscapes of my inner world created by rubbing oil paint on to and into the surface. The frame contains the space as a safe place for me to project. Or is this just my own fecality?”

With a first class degree in English with Philosophy and a MSc in Psychodynamic practice,  McConnell is a high functioning autist who finds social interaction exhausting.  Yet through the creative process she continues her attempts to make sense of both her internal and external world.  In the light of recent events, McConnell’s interest has shifted slightly towards the political potential for art work to make visible the hidden depths of the beauty and despair in the world today. In Today (September, 2015) McConnell turns the American flag upside down and sends out an international distress signal.



Her current work results from reflections on the ‘parergon’ and ‘subjectile’ whilst the materials she employs result from contemplating the value of the worlds raw materials.